We like to set our compass north where the trees are so thick that they dictate the weather. Waterfalls are sought, rock bridges are crossed, roots and rocks are clambered up, and the cool, crisp air makes us stand a little taller in our hiking boots. The smell of rich black dirt, tiny moss forests that reach up to the sunbeams, mysterious mushrooms, and snails too curious to stay in their shell are some of what inspired this year's collection. I like to hike with my camera to capture the wonders of the forest. Each time, I'm drawn in by the mosses that stay green year-round, the bright colors of the lichens, and the various species of mushrooms that show themselves in the tiniest nooks and crannies of the forest floor. There's something magical about how mycelium transforms its surroundings into blossoms of bright, beautiful mushrooms that pop up in the most delicate shapes, sizes, and colors. Death. Transformation. Re-Birth. Slowing down. Connection. Constant Reminders to slow down, yet pieces that connect us all, much like how mycelium connects life just out of sight. As an artist, and in some ways like mycelium, I like to take the experiences around me and transform them into something healing and meaningful. I hope to have transformed this work into something new that you will love as much as we do.