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Yellow Honeycomb Flower Napkins

Yellow Honeycomb Flower Napkins hiddenhiddenhidden

Yellow Honeycomb Flower Napkins

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One of natures most beautiful designs is captured with our Honeycomb Napkin. Crafted tirelessly by the honeybee, each piece of art perfectly balances form and function, making this design a stunning addition to any tabletop. Made from flour sack cotton, our napkins are uniquely soft, absorbent and durable, meaning they work just like you expect a napkin to. Plus they're safe to bleach allowing them to hold up to the messiest dinners.


Available in a Set of 4 Yellow Honeycomb napkins, or individually to mix and match with the rest of the collection.


- 15” x 20” napkin

- 100% flour sack cotton

- Screen printed using eco-friendly inks

- Napkin sizes + colors may vary slightly

- Pre-shrunk, machine washable, bleach + iron safe

- Designed, Processed, Printed and Packaged in USA


Set of Four SKU : NKFM107-s

Single SKU : NKFM107