Here is a quick peak at some of the tools I use to create my work.  This list is ever changing as technology takes giant leaps, making me wonder how I ever used to do it.
  1. iMac : CS6, I’m especially partial to Adobe Illustrator
  2. iPad : do most of my illustrations in the Paper app by Fifty Three. Featured illustration in use
  3. iPhone : can’t live without the Teux Deux app and trusty camera
  4. Wacom Tablet Stylus : still use old school Bamboo for illustrating when my iPad is charging
  5. Black & Brown Sharpies : ultra fine point is my favorite for everyday writing & doodling
  6. Carpenter Pencil Stylus : By Fifty Three, I LOVE this for drawing on my iPad
  7. Xacto Knife: for prototype cutting
  8. Nikon D750 Camera : for photographing products, kids, life and nature
  9. Unlined Notepads : keeps me sane and organized
  10. Doodles : because sometimes my subconscious doodles are the best happy accidents
  11. Pantone Swatch Books : because color matching can be a nightmare otherwise
  12. Sewing Machine : for creating prototypes, hemming, and the occasional Halloween costume
  13. Pins : for assembling prototypes, and my real pin boards
  14. Magnifying Loupe : for press checks
  15. Linoleum Cutters : for block carving, creative change up and pattern inspiration 
  16. Branding stamps
  17. Clipboards : in order to keep so many “tabs” of work open and organized
  18. Ruler: this baby is amazing!
  19. Paper Sample Books : to find the perfect pairings
  20. Scissors & Brown Paper : because I’m obsessed with kraft paper
  21. Paintbrushes & Acrylic Paints : not used enough, but hope to change that soon!
Not shown : My Glasses to ease my eyes while kerning and my Xerox phaser, which I have a love/hate relationship with.  Love it like a family member, but Nick has had to stop me from going "Office Space" on it more than once!