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August 04, 2016

Roots : A Michigan Story

adventure, inspiration, life, Local, Michigan · posted by June + December

It begins right here in the mitten state, with endless inspiration, and stories filled with laughter and adventure. It continues with days of wander and some of the most legendary treasure hunts of all time. Where each season brings a whole new state, and the year round beauty pulls our wheel to take the scenic route. A place where the drives are almost as soothing as the destination, and with each passing field and orchard, we feel feel the stresses melt away from our souls as we embrace a slower pace.

In the fall we set our compass due north for the drive of a lifetime and display of natures finest colors. Waterfalls are sought, bridges are crossed, and the cool, crisp air makes us stand a little taller in our hiking boots. At night, bonfires light up the evening sky, stories are told, marshmallows are roasted and mosquitoes are joked about. Morning walks are warmed with mittens, where frosted leaves glow in the morning sun and crunch with each step. The excitement of snow in the forecast has us giddy as winter arrives, with dreams of snow days spent building forts and finding the deepest drifts to stage epic snowball fights. Days enjoyed skating and playing hockey on the lake bring numb toes and rosy cheeks, only to be melted away with the warmest and most chocolatey of cocoa. Come spring, we welcome the sun’s warm thaw as buds begin to sprout, robins return, and open windows bring in the fresh, sweet spring air. Rainy days are celebrated with boodle, cribbage, or a stroll through a local boutique or gallery. We find our shoes wet with dew on morning walks, and as the fog lifts from the pines, we keep a watchful eye open for the ever elusive morel. We carefully plan our garden, deciding between which peppers and heirloom tomatoes to plant as summer nears and quiet anticipation builds for our our next trip to “the lake”. When we finally arrive, we scurry down the weathered steps to say “hello” to the beach, ready for the warm sand and waves to greet our feet. We take a moment to gaze over the water as far as our eyes can see, and find that somehow, time has a way of pausing as we soak it all in. We grow anxious for morning walks on the beach revealing treasures like driftwood and Petoskey stones, each with their own remarkable stories to share of their tireless journeys into our hearts. Sand dunes become small mountains to be explored, climbed or jumped from. Toes are dipped, waves are jumped, castles are made, and sand bars become our playground. And when our summer comes to a close, we pause to marvel at the radiant sunset over the lake as it competes magically with the moonlight, where both inevitably give way to a stunning darkness, bringing in so much light that it expands our world beyond our own.


Our Roots collection shares our mitten pride, because for us, Michigan is more than our home state, it’s where Nick asked and Katie said yes. It’s where dreams are made and our hearts are filled. It’s where we share our journey with our children, and where our roots grow deep.


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November 02, 2015

Upcoming Holiday Show Schedule

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November 01, 2015

Over the Bridge : Pictured Rocks + More

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