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October 09, 2014

21 Tools I use to Create

creative, inside the studio, process, tools · posted by Katie Forte

Here is a quick peak at some of the tools I use to create my work.  This list is ever changing as technology takes giant leaps, making me wonder how I ever used to do it.
  1. iMac : CS6, I’m especially partial to Adobe Illustrator
  2. iPad : do most of my illustrations in the Paper app by Fifty Three. Featured illustration in use
  3. iPhone : can’t live without the Teux Deux app and trusty camera
  4. Wacom Tablet Stylus : still use old school Bamboo for illustrating when my iPad is charging
  5. Black & Brown Sharpies : ultra fine point is my favorite for everyday writing & doodling
  6. Carpenter Pencil Stylus : By Fifty Three, I LOVE this for drawing on my iPad
  7. Xacto Knife: for prototype cutting
  8. Nikon D750 Camera : for photographing products, kids, life and nature
  9. Unlined Notepads : keeps me sane and organized
  10. Doodles : because sometimes my subconscious doodles are the best happy accidents
  11. Pantone Swatch Books : because color matching can be a nightmare otherwise
  12. Sewing Machine : for creating prototypes, hemming, and the occasional Halloween costume
  13. Pins : for assembling prototypes, and my real pin boards
  14. Magnifying Loupe : for press checks
  15. Linoleum Cutters : for block carving, creative change up and pattern inspiration 
  16. Branding stamps
  17. Clipboards : in order to keep so many “tabs” of work open and organized
  18. Ruler: this baby is amazing!
  19. Paper Sample Books : to find the perfect pairings
  20. Scissors & Brown Paper : because I’m obsessed with kraft paper
  21. Paintbrushes & Acrylic Paints : not used enough, but hope to change that soon!
Not shown : My Glasses to ease my eyes while kerning and my Xerox phaser, which I have a love/hate relationship with.  Love it like a family member, but Nick has had to stop me from going "Office Space" on it more than once!
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September 08, 2014

Inside Our Studio

inside the studio · posted by June + December

June & DecemberWhile we love our U.S. Manufacturers, our team still inspects and assembles each item by hand to ensure it meets our standards.  Each order is then packaged with care hoping that it will evoke a smile when your goodies arrive!...
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